Friday, April 27, 2007

email test

I'm sending this post via email. Will it work? Will it?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Thing Thirteen

Ads! I can't take all the ads. I hate clicking on a link that claims it's taking me somewhere, but actually it's taking me to an ad page that I have to view before getting to the content I want. Not to quote the Google party line, but their ads really are unobtrusive.

Once I got past that, I enjoyed the article I clicked on from the SJLibraryLearning2 account on It's about the joys of tagging, which in my youth meant spray-painting your gang name on other people's garage doors. Now it means an informal, user-based indexing, and I'm all in favor. I'm pleased to see museums agree.

I played around with bookmarking this way, and no, I don't see it as something that would be useful in my life. It's cool, but it would work better for people with zillions of bookmarks or who don't have a primary computer. The bookmarks/favorites menus in my browsers on work and home computers work well enough for me.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thing Twelve

I made a search roll for three sites I search often: Snopes, Wikipedia, and Onelook. The search worked and that's pretty cool, but I didn't like all of the ads that popped up before my search results. Also, the results were in a seemingly random order, and I wasn't given the option to reorder them. Again, I just don't think anything can improve on Google, at least for my own personal searches. I know how to manipulate a Google search to find the results I want. This just seems like an unnecessary addition to my life.

Thing Eleven

Ooh, fun. I picked Coverpop from the Books category. I can't say it's useful at all, but it is durn fun. Pick a category, like, say, purses, and the screen is filled with tiny purses in a million colors and styles. Hovering over or clicking on a purse will take you to the online store at which you can purchase it. Very cool. I liked the Flickr colorfields coverpop best because it covered a variety of photographed objects instead of just one category.

Thing Ten

From the Visual Poetry Generator:
Make Visual Poetry -

From the Nerd Name Generator:
My nerd name is Griselda, the Java Magician. Whatever that means.

These tools were easy and fun. Not much to comment on.

Thing Nine

I couldn't hear the podcast; it was stuck on "loading," and refreshing didn't help.

I played with Technorati and Feedster. Technorati was up first. I found it difficult and confusing. I wanted blogs and news feeds, but separate searches for common terms turned up only pictures and videos. When I finally found a blog I wanted to read, it was totally unclear how to add a feed to that. I added it to my "favorites," but that doesn't help, because I probably won't be going back to Technorati.

Feedster was even worse. Narrowing my search to blogs only doesn't work; I still get product listings, etc. I'm totally disgruntled by these sites. I can't say I understand their use, either; I thought they were going to find feeds that I could add to my bloglines account or to a new account on Feedster or Technorati. Instead, they search for blog *posts*, not blogs, and I'm afraid I don't see how even their intended use could be better than Google.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thing Eight

This was fun. I subscribed to thirteen feeds:

Accidental Hedonist
Bloglines | News Word of the Day
The Lazy Vegetarian
Librarians' Internet Index: New This Week
NASA Breaking News
New Urban Legends
NYT Book Review
PETA Latest News
The Shifted Librarian
Vegan Blog: The (Eco) Logical Blog

I made my blogroll public.
Then I added feeds to Angie's and Mana's blogs as well as my own (why not?), and to Unshelved, Library 2.0, and the Merc-News police blotter. Sadly, I couldn't subscribe to Readers' Club because, according to bloglines, that site doesn't publish a feed.

I enjoyed this exercise. I confess I didn't really know what RSS was. I knew it was a reader that could consolidate all of your daily info in one place, but I didn't really get it and I never bothered practicing. Now I shall. Instead of having bookmarks I click on daily, I will use an RSS feed. I may even have one for home and one for work. YEAH.